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Kacche Kele ki Seekh Recipe

A healthy and delicious option to go for while the fasting season of Navratri! Made from raw banana, potato and a pinch of tang with green chilli, this would definitely be your go-to snack while feasting on Navratri.

Ingredients Of Kacche Kele Ki Seekh

  • 200 Gram Raw banana
  • 50 Gram Potato
  • 10 Gram Makhana
  • 2 Nos Green chilly
  • To garnish Fresh coriander
  • To taste Sendha namak
  • 50 Ml Ghee

How to Make Kacche Kele ki Seekh

1.Par boil the raw banana and potato.

2.Make a paste of makhana.

3.Mix banana, potato & makhana.

4.Add sendha namak and a teaspoon of ghee

5.Put the mixtures on skewers and cook in tandoor.

6.Serve hot

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