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Central Florida weather: Mostly sunny skies, some storms for Wednesday

CENTRAL FLORIDA — Expect plenty of sun during the morning, but some isolated storms may pay Central Florida a visit..

  • Highs for Wednesday at 94 degrees
  • Break from the afternoon storms
  • Hotter and drier pattern

Dry air will persist across Central Florida on Wednesday. Only isolated storms will flare up during the afternoon. Otherwise, expect plenty of sun with highs in the low 90s.

The reason for the influx of drier air is due to the circulation behind distant Hurricane Chris, which is moving away from the North Carolina coast.

This storm poses no threat to Florida. Lower rain chances will persist through Thursday before gradually ramping back up again over the weekend. Highs through midweek will become a bit hotter, in the mid-90s.

Fair conditions are anticipated for surfers for Wednesday with wave heights around 2 to 3 feet. On the Intracoastal, expect a light chop.

Isolated storms will be a hazard to boaters and beach-goers. A moderate risk of rip currents will be a concern for those venturing into the surf zone.

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